Intuitive electrical CAD software for electrical professionals

What is SEE Electrical?

SEE Electrical is an intuitive electrical CAD software that enables electrical professionals to efficiently create, document, and optimize electrical schematics, improving productivity, design efficiency, and accuracy in every project.

SEE Electrical can be purchased in three levels – Launch, Grow, and Scale.

Each offers a range of services at a different price point so that you can select the level that suits your needs. It is simple to progress from one level to another, as you can work on project data across all levels simultaneously.

SEE Electrical plans


It is a free 30-day working version of the software with full modules and functionalities including samples of electrical projects and symbol/s library. Free software options have limitations to only 3 schematics in the same project.

  • Works 30 days from the date of registration
  • Allows you to produce up to 3 electrical diagrams
  • You will check the Launch, Graw and Scale configuration
  • You can print your design


  • Efficient schematic editor for single and multi lines diagrams.
  • Electrical schematics management.
  • Basic reports generation, BOM, devices.
  • DWG import/export.
  • Intelligent PDF export.
  • Extensive electrical symbol libraries.
  • Equipment catalogue editor – basic data only
Annual subscription


Launch features plus:

  • Advanced engineering data management for connections and symbols
  • Automatic wire numbering
  • Wire directions, signals and cables management
  • PLC management
  • Reports and graphical list: terminals, cables, wires, plc, etc
  • Equipment catalogue editor: full data, single entry edition
  • 2D Panel layout editor
  • Cabinet Thermal calculation
Annual subscription


Launch and Grow features plus:

  • Project structure customization and Aspect management (IEC 81346)
  • Bulk data editing and unlimited signal management
  • Go To navigation
  • Auto connections, orthogonal wiring, multicore symbols
  • Terminal/Cable/Connector plans
  • Product Assembly, Device list reports
  • SQL query/report designer
  • Project data export/import using MS Excel
  • Multi-user environment manager and Projects comparison
  • IDL conversion from paper
  • PLM and ERP interfaces
Annual subscription

Add-on modules

3D Panel Design

Create a virtualized environment
to gain a more spatial perspective within a cabinet design. Quickly create, optimize, and anticipate issues within your design.

3D Panel Manufacturing

Virtual enclosure wiring and optimal manufacturing integration. Create precise documentation for your shop floor workers through all assembly

Building Implantation

User can design electrical installation on the building plans. You can insert your electrical equipment on the floorplan and automatically generate your single line diagrams and reports.

Automatic Diagram Generation

Auto Generation of drawing from circuit macros with control over all text.


Quickly translate your project into multiple languages. 

SEE Web Catalogue

It is the one of the most complete online catalogues in the market, it offers more than 1,000,000 references provided by more than 1,800 manufacturers. The online SEE Web Catalogue is constantly growing.