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SEE Electrica ExpertSEE Electrical


(For a high level electrical design)



SEE Electrical CADdy ++ Advanced is the third and highest level of SEE Electrical / CADdy ++. Building on Basic and Standard provides and new opportunities in the development of electrical schematics editing graphics and data sheet. It also allows self-generating electrical draft, which may be subsequently amended by the editors without any major effort.



Besides the basic functions and the Standard, Advanced level enables and:

  • Automatic linking elements (AutoConnect)

  • Draw orthogonal x-pole guide

  • Cross-reference navigator (go to) with marking function (come from)

  • Navigation from Database list to scheme

  • Edit base for structuring function / location / product (aspects to EN 81346)

  • PLC operandi se automatski imenuju u različitim formatima + uvoz PLC podataka preko Microsoft Excel® formata

  • Automatic generation of cable names

  • Editing the project structure, which allows user-defined graphics and database lists

  • User-defined attributes and a list of components

  • The configuration of multi connections

  • Simple settings attribute signal / guide / links

  • Replace template components throughout the project

  • Copying multiple pages in one step

  • Copy all the sheets of the specific features / locations / indexes to new project

  • Advanced editors database list (update several elements at once)

  • Renumbering of entire terminal strip

  • Insert components / terminals / cable (which is not in the schedule / reserve) via a separate list

  • Terminal plan with graphics with EMC and ground potential and the connection terminal row plan

  • Terminal plan with graphics in a separate terminal plan (element, terminal, cable core, cable, cable core, terminal, element)

  • List of graphic symbols used in the project

  • Sorting of cables in accordance with the function / location

  • Find and replace the symbol of the entire project

  • Integrated editor for creating lists, and labels (List and Label)

  • Import / Export multiple documents at once in a format DXF / DWG / DXB

  • Appliance lists (automatic generation and referencing scheme from the list and vice versa)